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As part of our passion to provide exceptional bespoke creative services, whether experiential based learning or filmed media, we established our 'Pioneer Program' which focuses on exploring future methods & technology that can support new ways of delivering training.


Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality


Exploring how virtual & augmented reality can help people & organizations learn faster.

The history of virtual reality (VR) technical developments could be argued to have started as early as the 1830's, and has progressed throughout the decades since. 

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VR Headset

Whether flight simulation or NASA space walk training, through to modern day gaming VR has a long past and an interesting future.

However, the most exciting leaps in technology & filming have come in recent years which has made VR accessibility to everyone more than ever.

Whether using at home, at business, or both, in the coming years VR will play an even greater role in training & developing people for work, education and life.

Ever thought how VR can change your presentations?  We have.

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Want to know more?

If you would like to investigate more to enhance your organisations training, or if you are a company interested in using our team to test your training products please contact our team.

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