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"The actors had exceptional feedback from the students. Their character portrayal was brilliant and added great value to the course"

MOD Senior Course Instructor

Professional training, bespoke services, groundbreaking results

We use the foundations of drama as a basis to create effective and engaging participatory learning experiences unlike any other.

As one of the first companies to combine acting with business training, we understand how to use roleplay to help teams and individuals become more successful. With our team of professional actors trained in delivering emotional realism that changes perspectives, Inspired Act provides training with transformative results.

The key benefit of our experiential learning is that it provides the student with a safe place to try, fail and then succeed. Observing their peers in these real-time, dynamic experiences creates an unparalleled, truly memorable learning experience.

From real-time simulation, to forum theatre and interactive training, we have over a decade of experience in delivering top-quality roleplay to large organisations, from schools to the military, which means we know how to satisfy the toughest of clients.

"Very valuable. It gave a far more immersive experience."

Care of Trainee Candidate - Sgt Wilson

Providing role play training with the Armed Forces

Inspired Act continues to provide training support to the Army, Navy and RAF

"It was a useful way of dealing with a theoretical situation in a practical way, building experience for the future."

DTTT Student - Major Archer

Let us help you ignite the full potential of your team today.

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